Why You Should Visit China in Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons. The warm sun, breeze, smell of flowers and clear sky will purify your soul from inside. Nothing can be compared to spring. The joyful weather always reminds us of our childhood. Things have changed in these past years, you don’t need a weekend to relax but a long-fat holiday is needed to forget about the hectic life and enjoy the days with your loved ones.

If you’re aware of the beauty of China, want to know how China looks like – especially in the spring season. Northern China looks no less than a portrait. It feels like you’re dreaming and wandering in paradise.

Now you know, what should be your next holiday destination? Your trip can be more special if you visit China in the Spring season. See the wonderland with your own eyes. Make sure get your China visa application complete before your departure.

The Soothing Weather

While central China remains wet, Southern China faces lots of rainfall. The Northern part of China remains warm and dry. And with pleasant temperatures, dry conditions, and snow-laden mountain peaks, spring is the perfect time to plan a trip to Yunnan with Yunnan Tours.

When the flowers and new leaves start blooming around, you will be able to hear the humming bees, clear and bright sky, you will enjoy the place more. This season is best to experience the miracle of nature – when red, pink and white blossom covers the mother earth.

Spring Events

Festivals are all that we need to connect to the core of the country. China has very rich norms and values. As a tourist, festivals can be a great opportunity to connect to their culture and show your generosity. Spring is the season of festivals, and if you’re visiting China in spring then you will be able to participate in many festivals.

Water Splashing Festival

You might get the idea by the name of the festival, but you mightn’t know the reason behind this event. Every year in April, this festival takes place. It’s believed in China that by splashing water to each other, they spread good luck to their friends and family. It’s the time of the year when all the members dress up beautifully. You can be a part of this happiness too. Enjoy the dragon boat race, fireworks and exchange gifts.

Louyang Peony Culture

Tourists from China and other parts of the world gather in Central China, Louyang City of the western Henan Province. The festival of the country’s national flower takes place in April. If you ever get the chance to visit China in the Spring, your eyes will be pleased with the peonies blossom.

Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival

Since 1991 the Peach Blossom Festival has been celebrated in Nanhui District. The people gather together to honour the delicious food. An entire day is invested after music, pig race, decorating orchards, eating and making peach products and of course delicious food.

Beijing International Film Festival

During this time of the year, the China Science and Technology Museum in Chaoyang fills up with movie lovers from around the world. Creative ones and enthusiastic people unite together to celebrate the film festival. Tourists gather around to get a glance at the international movie stars on the red carpet.

Things You Can Do in Spring

From hiking, trekking, camping to travelling around the famous water parks in China, you can do all. This nation has evolved as a wonderland and mastered the sphere of technology. There are so many things you can explore during the Spring season. With the friendly weather, tourists can have the best. Go for a trip to famous sites like the Great Wall of China, Buddhists holy Mountains; go for a walk in Shaoxing and Taikang Roads or the Fuxing Roads. You can also visit the UNESCO-listed gardens in the city of Suzhou.

Don’t wait for the right moment, but make it happen. An awesome trip can charge you up for the whole year. This time you can make the best out of your holiday trip in Spring. The above-mentioned suggestions will help you to add some fantastic trips to your journal. Let it be a solo trip or with your loved ones; it’s time to find out yourself, take a break from the chaos and collect the memories.

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